The Abduction from the Orient Express!

Oh my! Are you ready for an evening of subterfuge and silliness? For chaos and cuddling? For harems and heroes!?

“Yes, I am an architect! Can’t you tell by my clothes??” Courtesy of LA Opera

Then get your keisters over to the Dorothy Chandler Pavillion and enjoy three hours of excellent entertainment (intermissions – there are 2! – included)!

While Mozart’s brazen opera, The Abduction from the Seraglio, was certainly not created to share a seat beside Agatha Christie’s novel in the 1920s aboard Orient Express, it fit quite comfortably. The set was fantastic, a train car upon the Orient Express, making its way from Istanbul to Paris. The simple side-view felt almost Wes Anderson-like, and the set details were quite intricate. The voices were miraculous. I can’t believe such things are humanly possible. The emotions were strong. The comedy was cracking. Some of it felt so bold, I was surprised it was born almost 235 years ago!

There was something magical about having such a limited view of only the train car – like spending time in a doll’s house. Courtesy of LA Opera.

And (SPOILERS!) it ends with a message of grace and forgiveness, which is worth more than any simple “happily ever after.” In a world full of fury and frustrations (as I type, there is an endless aria of honking horns outside my window – and it’s not the supportive kind), we can all stand to learn to receive and practice a little more grace. And a little more. And  a little more. And then some.

Highly recommend to anyone looking for a superb night out! In LA only through 2/19! Sneak a peek here!

And I spied a couple deals through Travelzoo & Goldstar. Check them out!

Huzzah for the arts!


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