June – An Uplyfting Short Film

Sweet youth! Borrowed from YouTube

So, here I was, minding my own business, catching up on some encouraging YouTube videos, when I was interrupted by a 7-minute ad. While I’m usually on that “skip this ad” button like butter on a hot potato, I have to admit- I was totally taken by this ad.


“June” is an animated short film/fancy, extensive advertisement about a little old lady in Chicago who finds a new lease on life via the ride-share app, Lyft. Yes, I’m certain it’s a romanticized image of what driving/using Lyft is like on a daily basis. However it was so lovely and vibrant that I felt compelled to share it here.

And I feel like a CRAZY PERSON saying, here! watch this ad! when we all receive more than enough ads every waking hour (and it’s not like I’m getting commission). That being said, this was a delightful little art piece that encourages humans to be loving humans in an entertaining way. I really appreciated the clean, bold design; the snappy story-telling; and the tour through Chicago. And I may have nearly teared up near the end… (Communities coming together gets me every time, gosh darn it!)

The usual suspects! Borrowed from Medium

I’ve used Lyft maybe once. I’m sure it was a fine experience, not that I can remember. But props to director John Kahrs (also responsible for Disney’s “Paperman”) and his design team! Whoop whoop! And props to Lyft for doing something interesting & out of the box with their advertising.

View the sweetness here!


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