Na-NO Mo’ WriMo

Because it’s November, I get to blame my current lack of upkeep on my blog on the dreaded, yet wonderful and inspiring, as well horrible, painful saga that is National Novel Writing Month. I won’t tell you how many words I’m in, because then you will proceed to laugh and scoff. But I’ll show you!*

However, please tune in for December, when my competitive and barbaric nature has again gone into content hibernation until next year’s month of masochism– I mean, “effortless brilliance.” I don’t promise amazing prose or dreams coming true, but I do promise second-hand magic and abundant happy thoughts (so much so that if Tinkerbell shows up, you’ll all be floating out of your swivel chairs/couches/beanbags/what have you).

So Happy NaNo Hunger WriMo Games, and may the words be ever in your fingertips… ;]

*Whether or not I will actually show you anything remains to be seen. It is entirely possible (YET UNLIKELY BECAUSE I AM A DRIVEN AND CAPABLE YOUNG NOVELIST) that I will not, in fact, write 30,000+ more words in the next week and two days.

PS. A special note to anyone I met at CTN: Hello! It was very nice to meet you! And thank you so much for stopping by. I’m flattered! And I hope to hear from you soon. :]


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