Music Tuesday!

Celebrating good music with Music Mond–er…Tuesday!

Do you crave good music? Do you grow inexplicably elated at the find of good music you’re sure no one else has heard before?

How about good music videos? When you find a good one, don’t you just want to watch it over and over until it’s imprinted on your memory and you can take it with you?

Maybe it’s just me. But, just in case it’s not, you should check out Nataly Dawn’s new music video for “Leslie.” The song has beautiful and haunting vocalizations and harmonies. The video, directed by Eric Kallevig, is dreamy, nostalgic, and otherworldly. The two together make a fantastic combination.

She’s also got other fun, silly, and catchy covers of “Suit and Tie,” “Single Ladies,” and “Mrs. Robinson” in her Pomplamoose duo and alongside other fresh talent.

Okay, carry on with your happy Tuesday. Maybe I’ll really throw you off and give you new music next Wednesday…. We’ll see.


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